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What Is the Cryogenic Deflashing Process?

Deflashing machines use liquid nitrogen to help the utilized part reach a low enough temperature where its material becomes brittle. Once the material reaches a brittle state, the cryogenic deflashing machines are used to tumble and blast the part with polycarbonate or other media. This results in quick, easy and controlled removal of any residual mold flash. Cryogenic deflashing machines can also be used to alter or provide a polished or textured finish to a part’s surface.

Advantages of Cryogenic Deflashing Over Manual Removal Methods
Almost every plastic or rubber molding method leaves some form of residual flashing on a product. This issue can be more common in silicones rubber or similar materials that have a high viscosity. Manual flash removal is one common method, but it can be time-consuming and lack the consistency required for medical devices and other precision molded components.
Using cryogenic temperatures for plastic deflashing is an efficient and highly effective method that provides several advantages, including:
  • Computer controlled process provides higher accuracy than manual deburring
  • High level of consistency
  • Non-abrasive and will not damage finishes
  • Lower cost than other plastic deflashing methods
  • Maintains part integrity and critical tolerances
  • Lower price per piece
  • Extends mold life
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