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The Liquid Nitrogen Freeze Rubber Trimming Machine

We using cryogenic deflashing (The Liquid Nitrogen Freeze Rubber Trimming Machine) to remove unwanted residual mold flash from newly molded or cast rubber or plastic parts. the use of cryogenic temperatures allows for precise removal of flash from polymers, elastomers, all without degrading the parts or harming the finish. It is suitable for rubbers of various durometers and parts that have been injection molded, extrusion molded, or compression molded.

Deflashing machines and cryogenic temperatures are used to remove flash from a broad range of products, including:
•    O-rings & gaskets
•    Electronic connectors, switches, and bobbins
•    Gears, washers and fittings
•    Grommets and flexible boots
•    Manifolds, valve blocks and oddly shaped parts
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